Dementia, artist book, 2011. all text and images © Maureen Piggins 2011 installation photos: Mette-Sofie Ambeck

Hand bound giclée on archival paper, japanese paper, waxed string, metal loops and eyelets, acrylic paint on canvas closed: 5.5″w x 7.5″h; open 15″w x 7.5″h Price: $800 Cdn, please enquire at

ARTIST STATEMENT: Much of my work in the last two years has explored the subject of memory and identity as seen through the lens of dementia. My father suffered from vascular dementia, and in the last years of his life, I learned to honour the memory of a life partially remembered while also accepting a “new” person that was, and was not, my father. The format of the hanging blind is a symbol for this – a fragmented picture of what was hidden by the illness. One side features a drawing of my father, while each strip on the other contains one line of a poem, each line beginning with one of the letters in the word “dementia”. Identity, memory, grief and time are uncertain; they are “in the air”.

Conceived for “In the air”, the fourth Doverodde Book Arts Festival, 2011, Hurup Thy, Denmark.

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