Embalm, artist book, 2011. All text and images © Maureen Piggins 2011

Unique artist book, hand bound wooden tablets joined by waxed thread Cedar, laminate, encaustic (beeswax), archival inkjets of original poem and charcoal drawing. Dimensions: 7.25”h x 5.5”w x 0.75”d Price: $700 Cdn, please enquire at maureen@maureenpiggins.com

ARTIST STATEMENT: “Embalm” is based on the theme of the wax tablet, a traditional memory aid and method of note taking. It also borrows from the practise of using beeswax to embalm the dead. The title is shaped in waxed thread coated in beeswax, the string being a motif for remembering. The panels hold a poem and image of my father, with the right side “broken” into two parts – the two halves representing two kinds of deaths – one figurative, the other physical. The book is an act of memory while also representing the deterioration of personality and memory from dementia.

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