On the Margins Archival giclée of an original pastel drawing printed on Somerset Velvet. Book cloth, Japanese paper, original pencil drawing, wire. Unique artist book. Text and images ©2012 Maureen Piggins. Conceived for “On the Margins” – 2012 Doverodde Book Arts Festival IV & Symposium (Denmark) at which I was a keynote speaker. $800 Cdn, please enquire at

ARTIST STATEMENT: On the Margins explores what is at the outer edges of physical and emotional experience – the separations and boundaries that make up a human life. Birth, life, death are interconnected, grief and joy can exist together, and one can be submerged psychologically in the past while operating in the present.

The piece features a reproduction of a drawing which not only includes both of my parents (deceased), but also myself and my my son. It faces a drawing of a child’s skull, another reminder of birth and death, and the title is shaped from wire in the form of a heart – echoing that of the drawing as a symbol of love and strength.

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