The Darkness, taken from “An Exercise for Kurt Johannessen” (2010) by permission of the author, Sarah Bodman. Text and images ©2012 Maureen Piggins.

Hand bound 12 page accordion book, birch bark covers, wood paper, Epson inkjet, Dimensions:4.5″w x 5.5″h in an edition of 9, created for BookArtObject Edition Four, Group 8. One copy available for exhibition, please enquire at maureen@maureenpiggins.com

ARTIST STATEMENT: Sarah Bodman’s project, and the inspiration for BookArtObject’s Edition Four, is a collection of writing buried in a northern Danish forest near Doverodde, Denmark. A coincidence, as I happened upon the BookArtObject blog while planning my own trip to Doverodde’s annual book arts festival. Once there, I was struck by the natural beauty of the land – the proximity of fjord to countryside – and also by the history underfoot. As I hiked with other artists through forest and heather and over Viking barrows covered in wild blueberries, the wind blasted away conversation and left us each to our own thoughts.

The title “The Darkness” brings to mind our own mortality, and the images within (of Doverodde and surrounding countryside) function somewhat like a vanitas painting – scenes that evoke self reflection and remind us that our time here is finite. The poem attempts to capture this while also referencing Sarah’s work, which I may have actually passed over unknowingly.


The darkness

chairs left vacant

our words

buried in the forest


the northern Danish wind

a vanitas of fossil and barrow

revealed in the quiet language of the field

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